Friday, 1 July 2022

July BoM and Magazine


Hello everyone

Its July... Not sure if I should be excited...
June proved itself to be HORRIBLE!! so I'm a little weary.

The July Dinosaur block is an Oviraptor
Pattern measures 12" (31cm)

Some of the images you find on this animal has winged arms and feathers in the tail and others show the 'Ostrich' type animal like an oversized lizard. Who knows??

You can adopt your Dinosaur for $1 from my Online Shop.

The small fee goes towards feeding all the animals in the containment area.... thanks!


Our Quarterly Digital Magazine Issue #34 is finally also here!

Yay! we all had a lot of fun with this one.
The London Calling theme was really welcomed

you can get your single issue to the Magazine in the Online Shop.

We no longer have any subscriptions to the magazine. The website add on software for 
that function was not working properly.


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