Thursday, 1 December 2022

December BoM and 12 Days Start


Hello everyone!
Its already December and we have the last of the Dinosaurs this month.

Today we have a Spinosaurus

Our pattern measures 12x16" (31x42cm)

This is our lineup of the 12 Dinosaurs we made this year.

You can adopt your Dinosaur for $1 from my Online Shop.

The small fee goes towards feeding all the animals in the containment area.... thanks!

Thanks for joining in this year - I hope you have enjoyed all the blocks.
I now have to go find our theme for next years BoM.


Today is December 1st and we kick it off with our

12 Days of Christmas 2022
Advent Calendar

For Day 1 we have a cute Snowman pattern

The patterns will all be 8" (21.5cm) and on the easy sewing level.
The center block will then be 16" (42 cm)

Each day I will post another block and you can jump in and collect all 12 plus the center block.

The smaller blocks will be $1on the day it is released for a 24hour period and then it will be $3 for the rest of the month and the center $3 going to $5 if you collect them daily.

You can join in each day or buy the completed set ($36) which is already in my shop too.

You can turn your blocks into an Advent calendar with the numbers on them or leave the number off for something of a Festive block - maybe a cute mugrug as a present. Your choice.

You can find your 12 Days patterns HERE

See you all tomorrow at 10H00 Central African Time!  :D


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