Monday, 11 March 2019

Week 1 Sewing QaL

Hello to everyone joining in for the Sewing Quilt A Long

March still has another 3 weeks, so I'm thinking that it should take me about that long to sew this up. Once I've moved I want to hang this mini quilt on the door or the wall.
I finally decided to make the Sewing Studio mini. A girl can dream....

So, let's get started!!

First things first..... we need to cut out all the pieces of the pattern and then put them into alphabetical order. Believe me, it helps.

Then, those pieces of our puzzle that were separated by the software and given a 'glue edge number'. Those pieces need to be joined. I like to use tape - preferably some kind of paper based tape like washi tape because it doesn't melt and stick under my iron, but you can glue yours if you think it's better..... not a problem.

This is how I stick mine together. I will cut off one of the corresponding number tabs and then stick it up over the tab that is then under it.
I used adhesive tape on these so that you could see what I was doing.

Either you need to cut off the smallest bit of the black line and stick it up onto the other line so that you don't get a line in the join, because its not a sewing line, or you can just make a little squiggle with a pen to remind yourself that its not going to be sewn on that line.

I like to then put a section of the pattern onto my desk so that I can see how I'm going to sew them together once that piece has been made. I just gives me a better visual idea of what I'm doing.
I've also worked out how many I will be doing each day to stretch it out over 1 week. So, no pressure, Im only doing 2 or 3 pieces each day.

By now you've probably thought about what fabrics you'll be going with. I tried adding my pattern to EQ8 to see the different fabrics, but the image you get out of it doesn't really help me very much.

I did decide that I preferred to use one colour fabric on the "sewing" part and not multi-colour.

You do you.... however you want to make your mini, in whatever colour is fine.

Over the weekend I made the "G" part of the sewing letter.

Now its up to you to get yourself sorted out and start on your mini.
Please share your photos on the FB group (all links below) or even on Instagram. 
The tag is #qadesigns  Thanks

** If you would like to join in the fun, then YAAAY! 
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