Friday, 24 May 2019

Bitty Blocks

It's May and time for the Bitty Block

there's a problem.....

Since the move away from Craftsy and the forced change to my shop, my pattern sales have gone way, way, way down and I have found that the FREE blocks are being grabbed up in the thousands and I'm relying on those few who buy patterns more and more, so now.....

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of my patterns and my business. 
I really appreciate you all.

The Bitty blocks are no longer going to be part of the Free patterns.
They're only $2 which is really not a lot to ask.

You can find the May Bitty Block HERE.

Have a lovely week-end!


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Janet said...

Such a cute bitty block! Thank you! Indeed, $2 is not much and they are adorable.

CJ Jolly said...

Cute! Fun!! Thank YOU!!!

You have my $2 vote!

Pati said...

Hy I can totally understand that!!! 2$ are not the world!! I love your patterns its totally worth it!! Lg