Monday, 23 March 2020

Block #2 - Gardener's Wife QaL

Hello everyone!
It's time again to show a new block from

The Gardener's Wife Quilt a Long 2020

This week for Block #2 we have a cute Stretching Cat. 
The block measures 10"(26cm) Finished size and is 10,5" (26,6cm) Unfinished size.

FYI - (I have checked and rechecked the size of the block. I've printed it out and I've measured it several times ) - I Promise!

This is the 'layout' so far...

When printing you need to remember.....

After saving the download, you need to go to that PDF and open it. Don't just print from the file where you saved it. Once the pattern is open, find the FILE menu along the top of the PDF. 
Find the PRINT option. Once you click it, it should open the printing options on your printer for you. 

This is where you need to check if your printer is set to "Actual Size" or the Zoom is set to "None".
 If you don't do this, it may print to a smaller size block and that is NO GOOD and most certainly not my fault - so please don't shout at me concerning this. 

Join in!! 
Come and have some fun with these new garden patterns.

Each Monday I will release a new block for this QaL. They will measure 10" (26cm) and be on an easier intermediate level. Im sure beginners could join in because in the end all paper piecing works the same way.

The blocks will be available in my online shop under the category of Gardener's Wife QaL.


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